Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Shirley Temple Black

Faced with a glut of strawberries from a local farm last weekend (I lost control of my senses and purchased four quarts for the two of us), and in dire need of a cocktail, I popped out into the garden for some mint and came up with this delicious drink. My husband commented that it tasted like an adult version of a mutual childhood favorite, the Shirley Temple.

I searched for a recipe for the "Shirley Temple Black", and discovered two recipes, neither of them very natural or yummy sounding, so I'm co-opting the name. Here's the drink. It's pink and bubbly, without being too sugary-sweet. I think Shirley the grown-up would approve.

Makes one cocktail:

1 oz. gin
2 teaspoons simple syrup
4 ripe, delicious strawberries
3 or 4 mint leaves
club soda and ice

Muddle gin, strawberries, mint and simple syrup in a highball glass. Fill glass with ice, top with club soda, and stir. Sit in the garden and enjoy!

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